Today, energy management and environmental sustainability is a key agenda for any business strategy and is being driven by customers, shareholders, employees and communities. Sustainability and energy management is no longer considered a nicety but a core responsibility necessary to enhance company’s values, reputations and remain competitive in their market.

It is acknowledged that organizations are facing rising operating costs, reduced financial resources, ageing infrastructure, technology obsolescence, new energy and environmental goals and legislation, and a constantly changing energy market. With these key challenges customers are now seeking assistance and technology solutions that will help them meet and manage their energy and sustainability targets.

At Integrated Energy Building Services  (IEBS) we help our customers address these challenges through both services and technologies. We can provide an end-to-end integrated approach to energy efficiency programs or a single proposition dependant on our customers’ requirements. Our integrated approach begins with energy consulting; then moves through the key stages of energy auditing/analysis, project implementation through to support and optimization. This turnkey approach supports our commitment to ensuring that the performance objectives defined in the auditing stage are executed and managed in line with the approved return on investment.

Our approach to an energy efficiency programs begins with customers and a thorough understanding of their needs, goals, objectives and key performance measurable. Once we understand customer needs and priorities, we develop a flexible energy efficiency program tailored for them and to suit each organizations requirement, whether that is an end-to-end approach or a single service from IEBS.